Yalla Eat

Yalla Eat – Where you and food meet

Yalla Eat provides you with a quick and easy way to order food online from thousands of restaurants all across United Arab Emirates.

Yalla Eat helps you find the best food and restaurants near you. So? Well, you can do so whenever you want with our pre-order options and filtering option to find restaurants open near you at any time! And… you ask?

You can fill your basket with multiple restaurant meals at one time! If that’s not enough, you also get to follow your delivery man around to see exactly where your food is touring and know exactly when it would reach you! In case of a zombie apocalypse or maybe any service issues, we promise our humans at Yalla Eat will be actively available at your service via live chat on our portal.

Our goal is to make it quick and easy to find great local restaurants that service your area. The process is simple;

- Search for restaurants in your area
- Order using our interactive online menus
- Sit back and Enjoy food.

It’s too easy!

With Yalla Eat you can order food from your mobile, tablet or PC without ever leaving the couch. Using the previous order function, ordering your favourite meal has never been so easy.

Ordering food by phone presents so many hassles, it can ruin your appetite. Getting put on hold. Crappy cell reception. Not being able to communicate with the person on the other end. Reading your credit card digits over the phone. Receiving your order only to find they got it wrong.

These gems and more are why online food delivery is the best thing since sliced bread. And we work to make it the best possible experience for you, with things like:

- Over thousands restaurants all across UAE - with more being added each day
- Easy search for Dishes, Cuisines or Restaurants
- Review and Ratings
- Live Order Tracking 
- Live chat and email support – 24 hours a day, every day (literally)
- A service that's 100% free and insanely intuitive to use
- A 100% free and insanely intuitive mobile site
- Easy re-ordering and pre-ordering
- Exclusive offers and content through Yalla Eat Promotions

We're here to help you. Enjoy your food, enjoy the time you get back in your day, and most of all, enjoy the delightful feeling of being taken care of. So whether you're working late, in need of a one-night staycation, or just don't feel like cooking – let Yalla Eat handle the food. Your only job is to enjoy every minute of it.